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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Wednesday 13th

13 January 1864

Friday 15th

15 January 1864
14 January 1864
Thursday 14th

Thick fog, and clouds for most of the day. My time much occupied in preparing my correspondence of the week. Mr Evarts came in and I conferred with him on the genuine or spurious nature of Mr Malloy’s report. He seemed so uncertain that I decided to withhold my note to Lord Russell until after the arrival of the Steamer. Col’ Ritchie came in to show me the answer of Messr Baring to his application, which was satisfactory. He said they desired me to confirm it, which I agreed to do. My cold still hangs about me a little troublesome . Wrote a note to Mrs Adams at Paris, and walked around the Regent’s Park. In the evening, after a solitary dinner. I amused myself with reading General Halleck’s report of the operations during the past year. It is perspicuous and satisfactory.

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