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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Sunday 24th

24 January 1864

Tuesday 26th

26 January 1864
25 January 1864
Monday 25th

The reception of the American newspapers gave me some reading for the morning. They confirm my impression that the preparation for renewing the war in the spring is bringing more strongly into view the disparity between the forces engaged. Nothing but foreign aid will do to556 revive the rebel confidence in the issue. The aspect of affairs in Europe which betokens war more than ever this morning is not calculated to this end. I prepared a form of note to be sent to Lord Russell embodying the substance of my instructions received by the last Steamer. Mr Seward presses me to urge this government to take action at a time when it is itself slowly moving out of its shell. The question is whether urging will accelerate or retard the motion. The guest object is to keep the place. After what we have gone through it would be a pity at this late date to be playing the game of our enemy. I must try to shape all this in such manner as to meet the object without hazarding too much. No visits or interruptions. A letter from Mrs Adams at Paris to say she will not return before Thursday. I have not yet quite recovered from the disappointment of yesterday. And now await the next Steamer with more of fear than hope. Evening dinner alone. Read Dr Twiss on public law.

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