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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Friday 5th

5 February 1864

Sunday 7th

7 February 1864
6 February 1864
Saturday 6th

The Scotia has arrived, but brings me no arrival of my son. I had hoped it so much that I confess the disappointment pressed me a little. My own condition is not yet by any means restored. Though the extent of the pain is reduced, I am yet very far from flexible, in my muscles. Morning spent in writing notes in answer to sunday letters that have accumulated, upon me within a few days. This is apparently doing nothing ,and yet it absorbs a great deal of my time. A visit from Mr Forster, who came to make enquiries about our affairs. He talked of the proceedings in Parliament and the German war likewise. I said that as things now looked we were quite comfortable—and described the state of my negotiations. I alluded to the critical state of matters on the 5th of September. He then said I had been mistaken in supposing the answer to my note to have come from Lord Palmerston. It was sent by telegraph from Lord Russell. This may be, but Palmerston was here and undoubtedly privy to it. As also to the mysterious message through Mr Stewart to Mr Seward at Washington. The weather grew pretty cool. We, that is I and the two ladies down out to Richmond Green to dinner at Mr and Mrs Laugel’s. A small company consisting of the Duke and Duchess D’Annale, Lady Waldegrave and her husband, Mr Fortescue, and Sir Charles and Lady Lyell. rather lively and informal. The Duke greeted me at once, though I had never seen him before. He is quiet above the average of royal personages. Adversity has done much of the Orleans family. Lady Waldegrave is likewise a person of some note whom I have never seen before. She is the professor of Strawberry Hill, though her second husband, Lord Waldegrave. This gentleman is her fourth husband. We returned home very comfortable and found the Despatch bag arrived, but not a line from any body.

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