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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Sunday 14th

14 February 1864

Tuesday 16th

16 February 1864
15 February 1864
Monday 15th

There being no news of the Canada at breakfast, I began to be a little uneasy about my son. But at one o’clock a telegram was received from Queenstown announcing that she had reached there at about eight in the morning. Henry made arrangements to go down to Liverpool in the afternoon train to meet him on his arrival, in the morning. My time passed rapidly tough I could scarcely define the way. In fact even when I feel as if I had nothing to do, I have only to look at my table to perceive little notes enough to answer for some hours. A visit from Mr Marshall who desired admission to the House of Lords which574 I gave him. Very good news too from Cape Town, the consul there sending me an account of the capture of the Tuscaloosa and her retention by the authorities to be returned to her answer. This is another just act on the part of the government which has a tendency to soften and reconcile the two countries. Undoubtedly there is a class which would be glad to entangle us, but I think it is losing hold. Went out in the carriage with Mrs Adams, and paid a visit to the Duchess Dowager of Sutherland. From the corner of St James Street I walked home by way of Hyde park, the Edgeware road, St John’s road and the regents Park. Evening, read Vanity Fair to the Ladies.

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