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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Saturday 20th

20 February 1864

Monday 22d.

22 February 1864
21 February 1864
Sunday 21st

I asked Mr Calvert last evening for some tickets of admission to the service at the Temple Church. He was kind enough to give me three for the afternoon. In the morning the bag came from America with a large bundle of Despatches. Many occasion work, but none are very important. The newspapers not interesting. Yet the Southern news remains unchanged. I perceive no symptoms of real encouragement, but a convulsive attempt at revival which can end only in complete prostration. My object in going to the Temple was only to give Charles an opportunity to see it. The service is much of it chanted which I like. But the darkness of the interior is not to my taste. The old Templars were doubtless used to the forms of the Gothic and fitted into it. Such is not the case with us, in this generation. The nine recumbent forms of the knights are the image of another age. They are worth all the rest of the edifice put together.579 We had to dine, Lord Houghton, Mr L Stanley, Mr Browning and Mr Ehringer. And in the evening, several other persons came in to see Mrs Adams.

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