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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Sunday 28th

28 February 1864

Tuesday March 1st

1 March 1864
29 February 1864
Monday 29th

One of the dark, foggy days which mark this place. There was about a period of fifteen minutes, towards five o’clock when it much resembled a state of night. I had another visit from Mr Bowles giving me the result of his applications thus far. He seemed to be very much encouraged. He had got a meeting called at the London Tavern, and asked me if I would attend it. I replied that I would go very cheerfully if deemed advisable—but that my own judgment dictated retirement on the part of government Officers. He seemed to contemplate an organization which might be turned to other uses—a plan of much more questionable utility. Walk in the midst of the rain around the Regent’s Park. We had to dinner Captain Douglas Galton, Colonel and Mrs Lowry, Mr Palmer and Mr and Mrs Sturgis. Rather lively and they remained until after eleven.

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