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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Tuesday March 1st

1 March 1864

Thursday 3d.

3 March 1864
2 March 1864
Wednesday 2d.

A rather better day. Visits from Mr Vesey who came at breakfast. He was directly from Washington, charged with a verbal message to me from Mr Seward. He read it from a paper in his hand, which contained the substance of the communication, and which he left with me. I then had a Mr Wheatley who seemed inclined to make a long stay. Luckily for me, another gentleman came into ask questions and solicit information as to the sights of London. By this time I was called to dress for the Levee of the Prince attendant, in the room of his mother. The customary collection of persons. The corps Diplomatique in great force. I met with several590 acquaintances, and among others Lord Clarendon and Lord Cranworth, both of whom spoke to me of General Banks’s proclamation about labour, in Louisiana. The Times of this morning had perverted its spirit as it always does every thing inn which America is concerned. Lord Cranworth however approved of the provisions. The usual ceremony in which the Prince and Duke of Cambridge shook hands with me. Home soon afterwards. The remainder of the day puttered away with the exception of a long walk. Mr Hunnewell, a son of Mr Hollis Hunnewell of Boston dined with us.

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