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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Wednesday 9th

9 March 1864

Friday 11th

11 March 1864
10 March 1864
Thursday 10th

The debate in the House of Lords indicates a strong feeling among the aristocracy against the present outrageous policy of Germany towards Denmark. Thus far the course of the Ministry has only indicated a disposition to meddle without an intention to apply power enough to direct. Feebleness and vacillation of purpose necessarily ensue from an organization dependent on a parliamentary majority which can never be relied on. Great Britain is now without a single friend among the nations of the world. Just so was it on the breaking out of our revolution in 1774. She has alienated us sharply from jealousy, without in any way conciliating the revolt. She has irritated Germany without conciliating Denmark, or Sweden. We are however by no means so much the object of attention, which is a great relief. My drafts of Despatches were much sooner accomplished than usual. I dined with Mrs Adams at Mrs Sturgis’s. Sir Erskine and Lady Perry, Mr and Mrs Spenser Ponsouby, Sir Henry and Lady Fletcher and Mr Elliot and Mr York. Rather dull. Home early.598

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