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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Sunday 13th

3 March 1864

Tuesday 15th

15 March 1864
14 March 1864
Monday 14th

The military news from America is not favorable to our progress, but in other respects is favorable enough. The fact that a failure to advance is construed against us only shows how much progress we have made since last year. The weakness of the rebels in not being able to take any advantage is a sufficient proof of their general condition. This is not the construction given here. The sympathy of the higher class always betrays itself at the smallest glimpse of success. Some day or other the retribution will come. Morning occupied by the preparation of an answer to Lord Russell’s note to me the other day taking exception601 to mine on the abuse of the British flag by the rebels in evening their own vessels to run the blockade. Many of Lord Russell’s notes are prepared for home consumption—and this one of those. He could not have misunderstood my meaning. But it was easy to misconstrue it so as to raise up a man of straw, and then claim the credit of knocking it down. Then a walk, on my return from which I found my Despatches and letters. Four of us dined with Lord and Lady Belper. This is a new creation of a wealthy manufacturer of the name of Strutt, in Derlyshins He inherited his property from his father, as he seems to have been educated at Cambridge. There were, whom I knew, Captain Douglas Galton and his Wife, Lady Charlotte Denison, Mr Trevelyan, Sir David Dundas and Mr T. Baring. The dinner was rather pleasant than otherwise. Afterwards there was a reception which was less entertaining. These are voluntary new acquaintances, and seem courteous and intelligent.

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