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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Monday 21st

21 March 1864

Wednesday 23d.

23 March 1864
22 March 1864
Tuesday 22d.

Cloudy and chilly east wind. The American mail came and absorbed as much as usual. I did not like the tone of the press, although it would not be easy to pick out what cause there was. Perhaps I might find it in the factious tone of the Senate, much the most dangerous body in America, as I think. The tendency is to assume the direction of the war and to make and remake Military chiefs is one of the greatest foibles of legislators, and very frequently least to that species of collision which upsets representative governments. On the whole we have escaped thus far well enough. If we can pass through the next election safely we may weather the danger altogether. Having read my letters and the newspapers, and worked a little on numismatics, I sat down to the labor of bringing up my arrears of Diary. By a strong effort the feat was accomplished before I went to bed. I took a walk. At dinner we had Mr and Mrs T. Hughes, M and Madame Laugel, and Messr Wilson and Moran. Rather lively—and they staid until eleven. But I am thoroughly tired of company, and glad to have a respite for some time.

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