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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Wednesday 23d.

23 March 1864

Friday 25th

25 March 1864
24 March 1864
Thursday 24th

The spring is advancing by slow steps and with a generally chilling air. This morning we had a thick fog for some hours that would not discredit November. I had a good deal to do to write private letters and to get the public ones ready. I was much engaged in my business directions to my son, preparatory to a critical operation in my affairs just a month from this. Thus my day was absorbed. Then a walk and a meditation. We all dined at home, after which I had a long conversation with Charles. I put him in possession of the whole negotiation from the first day, the 30th December of last year. I continued him as to his deportment towards Mr Yeatman, in case he should prove to be on board; and then explained what the state of things was here at this moment, so that he should give it to Mr Seward. Of course, if Judge Wayne should prove acceptable as a medium, it would be necessary to apprize him of the fact and get his assent in season to receive Mr Elliston understandingly. If otherwise, some method should be adopted of warning Mr Elliston of the change. I should be obliged to trust much to his discretion in this delicate duty. Some conversation followed about his own position, and the possibly effort upon it of a peace. I readily perceive that he is without a plan. His situation in his regiment does not please him, and yet he is bound to remain in it by the understanding under which his men reenlisted. He evidently has hopes of some change in events which will place him more to his liking. It is rather important on his account as well as for my two younger children that I should return to Boston next year. Perhaps this opening may lean to that count. For after all danger of further complications here is over I have no object to remain. We talked until after midnight.

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