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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Friday 25th

25 March 1864

Sunday 27th

27 March 1864
26 March 1864
Saturday 26th

A clear morning but it soon clouded and finally rained. My son sails from Liverpool today. I missed him a good deal, and felt otherwise rather dull. There being little business and no interruption from visits, I spent some hours upon my new catalogue of British coins. Weighed all the twenty four penny pieces of Henry of third, which I had purchased. Strictly speaking they should614 each contain twenty four grains. I find the lightest to be about eighteen, and the heaviest only, to be twenty four. All the rest lie between I ought to except one which goes to thirty—a circumstance for which I cannot account. On the whole, considering the constant loss of coins by clipping and wear, it is surprising they average so well. Modern coins generally lose weight fast. I brought up this Diary once more, and also my accounts for the quarter. My correspondence having already been made up I felt unusually clear of the world. A longish walk in the rain with my son Brooks, in the course of which I stopped at Mr Sterne’s to enquire about some place to buy stamps, and incidentally to see if I could recover a printed copy of my valedictory to my constituents. This I was lucky enough to do. Evening at home reading Sir Emerson Tennent on guns.

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