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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Wednesday 30th

30 March 1864

Friday April 1.st

1 April 1864
31 March 1864
Thursday 31st

The day of routine for the preparation of Despatches. There were none that cost labour, and yet the aggregate in number was considerable. It was one of my days rather of depression without exactly knowing any cause for it. Had a visit from Captain Winslow and two of his Officers. They have come into the Victorian Dark here with their vessel for repairs, and have given no notice. This is a little embarrassing, particularly as the Kearsarge is the vessel against which a complaint has been entered. I have however sent in an application for it today. In the evening I received a request of explanation of the facts reposted in the trial at Queenstown—an intimation which I understood. In the afternoon I walked down to pay a couple of visits. One to Mr Holden, a gentleman at whose house in Milwaukee I was received when on my electioneering journey with Mr Seward in the Autumn of 1860. He is here with all his family, but at present laid up with boils. He says he went through here in August whilst I was in Scotland. They have been on the continent this winter, and are now on their way home. The other was a return to Mr Sherwood, who has been with his Wife spending the winter at Malvern with his Wife. Quiet evening at home. Played Whist with the children.

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