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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Sunday 3d.

3 April 1864

Tuesday 5th

5 April 1864
4 April 1864
Monday 4th

A charming spring day, being one of very few experienced this season I received the newspapers and letters from America. The former were of little interest. A letter from my son John more cheerful than common. Prepared a note to Lord Russell on Mr Mallory’s report, which turns out spurious after all. This is as singular as any portion of the transaction Mr Beach, the Editor and proprietor of the New York Inn says he wrote it in order to get the credit of being the best purveyor of news from Richmond. A reason neither natural nor honest, since the paper had earned that reputation already. My inference is that the reports of Mr Mallory have been seen by people at Richmond, though never published to the world. The substance of this one was remembered and sent on. But the editor being622 pressed to declare his authority was driven either the betray the source of his information or to assume the whole responsibility for it. Whether this be right or wrong my duty to disavow it is the same. A visit from Mr Lord the Consul at Manchester whom I have never before seen. He told me something of the growth of the business in his consulate under the new law. He appears an intelligent man. I went into the city to complete my contingent fund accounts for the quarter, and to draw funds. On my return I found Mr Marshall, the consul at Leeds with two of his Deputies against whom some complaints have been made. He told me the whole story, defended the Deputies and wished me to undertake an examination, which I declined unless ordered from Washington. My advice to him was to await the issue of his defence already forwarded. Long walk round the Regent’s park. Quiet evening, at Whist, with the children.

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