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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Wednesday 6th

6 April 1864

Friday 8th

8 April 1864
7 April 1864
Thursday 7th

The resignation of the Duke of Newcastle as Colonial Secretary transfers for Mr Cardwell to that Office and places Lord Clarendon in the Cabinet as Mr Cardwell’s successor. The wonder is that the latter accepted such a post after having held so many high ones. I was called to my table pretty early, and to work on my draughts of Despatches from ten o’clock until have past five with very brief intermissions. I do not recollect ever to have had more topics to treat upon. The debates in Parliament on the enlistments in the Kearsarge and the division in the Alexandra have both came in to create labour. Every thing contributes to show the bad temper that exists here, and the desire to find an occasion for difficult. I have endured this insolent assumption for three years, and I pray God may grant me patience to go on in endurance the rest of my term—But I pray that circumstances may so prosper us as to enable me to get relief with safety to the country before long. Visits from Mr Squarry, the lawyer at Liverpool and from M Guttierez, the South American who came in but for a moment. Walk, and evening with the family at cards.

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