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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Wednesday 13th

13 April 1864

Friday 15th

15 April 1864
14 April 1864
Thursday 14th

Clear but with a chilly wind. The American mail came just in season to acknowledge it. Mr Seward sends me a copy of a letter received from Yeatman dated the 12th of March. He was then intending to go through the loyal States. Mr Seward’s tone is not discouraging. Engaged in preparing draughts of Despatches. The press of business is still considerable. Nevertheless I finished Mr Senior’s volume. It is nearly all of it interesting, but towards the end there are reports of the conversation of J. M. Forbes and of Mr Evarts which I hope are not correct. Yet I fear from Mr McCullagh Torrens once dropped to me that he has not been discreet. There is more or less of disappointment visible in him for the failure to get into the Senate. He and his son dined here and spent most of the evening. He talks of returning home; which I think as well on the whole. For he is not earning the head the Government gives him.632

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