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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Tuesday. 19th

19 April 1864

Thursday 21st

21 April 1864
20 April 1864
Wednesday 20th

Beautiful day. It is Hawthorn who remarks that here and there you find a single day of exquisite temperature in this Country. Work as usual. A long walk through the Strand, where were the traces of Garibaldi’s visit to the city to go through the ceremony of receiving the freedom. The British and Italian colors were still hanging from many windows. Home by way of Holburn rather fatigued. Visit from Mr Evarts who expressed his intention to return home on Saturday. I cannot see that he does much good. In the evening, we went first to the Geographical Society’s meeting, at which Sir Roderick Murchison received as President. It was at Willis’s rooms where once were held the assemblies so noted under the name of Almack’s. They are still kept up but the prestige has gone out of them. There is no more said about them in society than there is of the Edinburgh and Quarterly review. The assemblage was large and miscellaneous. . We left it early to go to Mrs Gladstone’s to meet Garibaldi. But the crowd was such, I did not get near him. I found the time of good society changed at this house. They now went to get him to go. From here Mrs Adams and Henry went to Lord Salisbury’s. I and Mary to Mrs Edward Romilly’s.635

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