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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Sunday 24th

24 April 1864

Tuesday 26th

26 April 1864
25 April 1864
Monday 25th

As there was not much to do, I went out to attend a coin sale at Messr Sotheby’s The collection sold is a very miscellaneous one, apparently made by a man having little judgment, and less knowledge. As a consequence most of it is huddled up in large lots only likely to be bought by dealers, no other persons attending. There was however quite a large and excellent collection of English gold, which deserved a better fate than its met with. Nobody was present but the usual set, and they had it all their own way. I was tempted to buy, and lost not a single object which I had marked, besides buying several which I had not intended. I have seen no better things sold on previous occasions for nearly double on the average. Several brought barely the intrinsic value. Of all descriptions of property coins, which would seem to have the most fixed rate, sell most unequally. On my return home I got my Despatches. Charles had been to Washington. Mr Seward is still incredulous of the authority of Wrightman, and distrustful of the notions of Davis. Yet he interposes no barrier. He asserts to the selection of Judge Wayne, according to the arrangement made here, and approves of my payment of Elliston’s passage. The channel is thus established, and my duty completely done. We shall wait now the development of the plan. Late in the evening, I got a letter from Charles giving his report of the interview. On the whole, the accounts more cheerful from home. My Wife’s birth day. 56.638

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