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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Friday 29th

29 April 1864

Sunday 1st

1 May 1864
30 April 1864
Saturday 30th

Returning spring. I was engaged in miscellaneous work, disposing of arrears of all kinds. Brought up my accounts, and this Diary. Devoted a short time also to the labour of my Catalogue of my English cabinet, which received a considerable accession on Monday. A singular visit from General Lerman who has returned from Mexico, and brought with him a Mr John L Greene, furnished with a letter of introduction by Mr Wiley Edwards. He brought me likewise a letter from Senor Lerdo de Tejada, the Minister of Juarez, recommending him and asking me to befriend him as much as I could. In point of fact Mr Greene has made another contract to furnish arms, and wants me to aid him to carry it out. To that end he visited at my recommending the bonds which had been given him to get converted here. I have never become so fully possessed of the policy of the government at Washington, that any step of this kind would be simply a work of supererogation. So I declined in as friendly a manner as possible. General Lerman showed me the successive telegraphic messages sent to him by the Archduke Maximilian’s secretary, Dupont, asking him to see him, and likewise a letter distinctly recognizing the position of Juarez, disavowing any intention to establish himself against the will of the people, and urging a union of policy between then. He said he had seen the Archduke repeatedly, but that he gave him no encouragement in the success of his enterprise. He thinks Maximilian honest in his purpose, and indisposed to attempt to force himself upon the nation. He feels quite sure that after a short experiment he will find it too hard, and give it up. So will not his archprompter, unless he gets so far involved elsewhere that he must do so. A walk and quiet evening at home. The news by the Persia, indicates a reverse of General Banks. Not having faith in his Military capacity, this does not surprise me. But is so long since we have been subjected to this kind of intelligence that I have become impatient under it. Perhaps it may be as well that our heads should not be turned. There were one or two receptions for the evening but I concluded not to go, to subject myself needlessly to a repetition of the subdues satisfaction of people in any thing that disturbs our calculations.641

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