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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Sunday 1st

1 May 1864

Tuesday 3d.

3 May 1864
2 May 1864
Monday 2d

The letters and papers came this morning. Nothing from Charles, but John incidentally says that he has not left his regiment, but that his squadron has been detailed to special duty as the body guard of the Commander, General Meade. This would seem to be better than picket duty among a wild and desperate population. On the whole the aspect rather encourage me2 so far as I can judge matters in the South are taking the course I anticipated. The openings to a pacification are becoming visible. Yet the preparation for a final conflict are manifestly going on much faster than the other. I had visits. One from Mr Stone, a consul on his way to Singapore. The other, my old acquaintance Thaddeus Hyatt, who is returning from his place at La Rochelle. He looks and talks more rationally than he did when I last saw him in the very dirty jail at Washington. He is tired of Europe, and is going home to make his will. A little time in numismatics. Then a walk among the flesh leaving trees of the park. We had company to dinner. Messr Bright, Lefevre, Evarts, C W. Field and A. Evarts, Gibbs, and Walker, the Editor of the news. The conversation lasted until nearly eleven. Both Evarts and Field are abou tto return home of Saturday.

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