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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Thursday 5th

5 May 1864

Saturday 7th

7 May 1864
6 May 1864
Friday 6th

I had several visits of persons whom I felt obliged to see, notwithstanding it is my day for writing home. Mr S G. Ward from Boston, and two young men. Mr Bowditch in spite of the very high rate of exchange. Most of these, however, are wealthy people. I was thus delayed in my work until a rather late hour. After which instead of a long walk, called to see Mr Dayton. He seemed to be better. There is much increase of agitation here withing a day or two. The conference is universally abandoned as a mortifying failure. But the war feeling is not yet up. The Ministry is probably not united, and the Queen differs from the Prince. The probability is that next week may give us events of importance. Quiet evening at home. Mrs Adams and Mary attended a ball at Lady de Grey’s.6

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