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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Tuesday 10th

10 May 1864

Thursday 12th

12 May 1864
11 May 1864
Wednesday 11th

The usual line of occupation, varied by a visit to the city on business with Messr Baring. I drew some money and returned home. Spent a little while in making my Catalogue, but it is rather a slow business. I weigh every coin with care. There is a loss in three cases out of four from the standard, but less, considering the length of time than I should have expected. Walk in the Park afterwards. Evening with Mrs Adams and Mary to Buckingham Palace to a Concert. The company brilliantly dressed, looked remarkably well. The Prince and Princess of Wales, the Duchess of Cambridge and her two daughters with the Duke her son constituted the royal party. The Corps Diplomatique in full force occupying much more space than the accommodation given afforded them. As a consequence, many of the Juniors were obliged to stand, the only people in the room who did. On the whole this was the prettiest picture of a Court assemblage that I have seen. The music as in the programme. I liked best the air from Gluck’s Amida and the Duet by Rossini. Between the parts the royal family and Court went into supper. The usual lows and smiles and grimaces, and the customary presentations to the Princess. I felt as if I ought to go through this, so I made a sign to Lord Sydney and walked up. She asked me two or three of the commonest questions and then we board. Such is court life. I could under no possible circumstances become reconciled to it. Then we went back, and head the second part. I noticed that Count Bernstorff did not go in at all, and left before we got back. As did all the Germans but Count Apponyi. Their position here is worse now than even mine has been. We got home at about one o’clock.

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