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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Thursday 19th

19 May 1864

Saturday 21.st

21 May 1864
20 May 1864
Friday 20th

The clear sky and heated atmosphere, great for this latitude at this season came to an end this evening with a thunder storm of some sharpness. I labored all day in preparing the remainder of my21 week’s budget. Mr Scott Russell came as he promised, but he was not prepared with his summary. He wished first of all to fix upon the variations in the statements of fact on each side. To that end he asked me to go over again the series of papers sent by Mr Seward. I did so in the order of the dates. He took notes of the language used by him, as well as of that of Mr Yeatman in the copies of his letters to him. He said he should be unable to prepare his paper this week, but he would be ready early in the next. I therefore wrote a letter to Mr Seward on the subject, without it. I further reminded Mr Russell of the expediency of still further verifying Mr Yeatman’s authority. The labor today was fatiguing—increased perhaps by the weather. The American newspapers likewise came in, bringing intelligence of the commencement of hostilities on the Rappahanock. All the various movements began simultaneously, and had proceeded safely so far as reported. But this was only the first day. The most encouraging symptom is the fall in the nominal rate of gold. But all our experience forbids our indulging sanguine hopes. The result is with a higher power which out of evil educes good. A long and refreshing walk over and beyond Primrose hill. Young Mr Dayton dined with us. In the evening with the ladies to a grand ball, at the Prince de la Tour d’Auvergne’s the French Ambassador’s his first general entertainment. It was very handsome, very crowded and to me very dull. Home by two o’clock.

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