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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Monday 6th

6 June 1864

Wednesday 8th

8 June 1864
7 June 1864
Tuesday 7th

Another fine, summer’s day. After doing some arrears of letter writing, I had a little leisure which I devoted to the persecution of my Catalogue of British coins. It is now nearly completed, so far as is practicable on this side of the ocean. My collections here have been so considerable in all branches that I much regret the imperfection of my old Catalogues, as well as of my memory as to what I have at home. In the evening to Lady Johnson’s in Belgrave Square, where was a performance by Levassor, of his little comic sketches. As usual more company than seats, and consequently an entry full of talkers. We stayed only through the first part. Two of the four pieces I had witnessed last year. The French have great skill in these little nothings which enliven an hour at small cost.

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