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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Wednesday 8th

8 June 1864

Friday 10th

10 June 1864
9 June 1864
Thursday 9th

The day of recurrence of Despatches to be written, and as usual I find more work than I expected. Although it does not now seem as if many questions remained open, still the duty of keeping up information in respect to the course of events here is constant. I regret being obliged to report the state of feeling not improving. In proportion as the accounts of our military movements look favorable, the disappointment of the higher classes is more marked. At this season of the year it requires much prudence and self control to remain externally insensible to this. I took a walk, and left a card on Mr Kingsland, an american, who brought a letter to me. He like every body else among the strangers was gone to ascot. Racing seems the ruling passion of men and women. These are the lady races, of the high fashion. Miss Dayton went with a party of Americans. Mrs A and I dined with Sir John and Lady Shaw Lefevre. Lord Kingsown, Admiral and Lady Denman, and some young people unknown. A young man on my left who incidentally disclosed that the he was a Secretary to Mr Gladstone, talked very intelligently and well. Young Mr Lefevre who has lately come into Parliament is among our best friends From here we went with the children who called for us in the carriage to a reception at Mr Morse’s, the consul’s. About the same number, Americans and English, as before.

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