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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Sunday 12th

12 June 1864

Tuesday 14th

14 June 1864
13 June 1864
Monday 13.th

Cloudy until cleared by a very heavy thunder shower. I had a succession of visits, mostly from Americans who appear to be coming over in shoals. Mr Lockwood, two young men Messr Charles Mason and Dewrance from Rhode Island, and Mr R M Mason. Mr E Ellice also came to get a verification of some signature of his to be sent to America. I had not seen him since my visit to Glen Quoich last year. His father and his Wife are gone, and he is alone in the world. He proposes to leave every thing here and go to Italy to spend some time with relations. He reminded me much of his father today. Read the files of the American newspapers with great interest. They leave off at a very interesting moment. The armies were confronting each other, with one or two of our division in possession of an advance that involves battle or retreat. Thus far General has added to his reputation. Yet the fortune of war makes me indisposed to be confident— I content myself with being hopeful. Walk, and paid visits to M Gutierrez, Mr Kingsland and Mr Bates. Saw only the last who is steadily improving. Quiet dinner at home. In the evening with all the family but Henry to a reception at Lady Henniker’s. The crowd far beyond the capacity of the house. The greatest pressure up the stairs, I ever saw here. We escaped by means of a dark and narrow back stair case.48

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