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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Monday 27th

27 June 1864

Wednesday 29th

29 June 1864
28 June 1864
Tuesday 28th

After despatching a couple of letters to Mr Seward for an extra bag to go today for the Etna, I attended the second day’s sale of Murchison’s coins. They appeared to me to average higher than yesterday, taking out the two heaviest cases as exceptional. I bought but little. The competition seemed to rise beyond the dealers, several of whom gave up attendance. The sale continues three days longer, but I cannot pursue it. It takes up too much of my time. On these two first of the week I can spare it. Mrs Adams and I dined with Mr and Mrs Reeve. Lord and Lady Belhaven, Lord and Lady Wensleydale, Lord Kingsdown, Mr and Mrs Fronde, Madame Mobel, Sir Lawrence Peel and one or two more. Rather pleasant. No conversation upon politics. Things are in too critical a state to permit of free talk before foreigners. The government is not stronger for the display of its hand. Perpetual negation will not do in times of trouble. Lord Russell’s allusion to the danger of a misunderstanding with America as an argument for peace is felt more than it is relished. A few days will now decide what is to come. No evening party, so we returned home.

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