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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Wednesday 29th

29 June 1864

Friday July 1st

1 July 1864
30 June 1864
Thursday 30th

Not a laborious day. Having sent a couple of Despatches in the middle of the week little was left for the end. I had visits however from several persons. For young men from New York, and Professor J. P Cook from Cambridge. Also a Dr Fore from Cincinnati. who told me he had come originally from Kentucky. Sir Henry Holland likewise came in for a short time. He incidentally alluded to a letter from a Mr Weed mentioning that he had urged upon the President to place me in the Treasury, in lieu of Mr Chase. I had heard the same thing through a letter to Mr Parkes. I am guarded against this by many obstacles, the first of which I believe to be the President’s disinclination. I had no desire to remain here much longer—but I should prefer that to going to Washington in any capacity. Walk to return some visits, and thence into the park and Kensington gardens, which looked very charming. It is the finest spot in London—but the progress of population is taking from it the freshness which it must have had a century ago. Quiet evening at home.

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