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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Sunday 3d.

3 July 1864

Tuesday 5th

5 July 1864
4 July 1864
Monday 4th

The fourth anniversary of this day passed in this country. It finds us yet plunged in difficulties consequent upon the attempt of a portion of our country to resist the progress of the principles, a declaration of which the world makes it memorable among men. Last year great steps were made in advance. May the people this year crown the work! I remained very quietly at home, engaged in the work left incomplete on Saturday. Perseverance crowned my labors at last. I have now the satisfaction to find myself retired from all the complications that ensued from the break out of the rebellion. My estate is clear of every incumbrance. The only difficulty now grows out of the depreciation63 of the currency which diminishes the resources that are transmitted from home in a very serious degree, and threatens worse. So long as the war shall last, there is no making any calculation at all. We dined early in order to make arrangements for a reception in the evening. All the Americans known to be in London were invited to come in. We had in fact about a hundred and thirty. There was a supper and some music from Miss Reed and Mr Dempster— The house was not cleared until long after midnight. I think this much the best way of celebrating the day in this country. A public dinner and high flown speeches, reported in the newspapers, far upon the sensitive nature of John Bull, who never has, and never will entirely forgive our success in setting up for ourselves against his authority.

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