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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Monday 11th

11 July 1864

Wednesday 13th

13 July 1864
12 July 1864
Tuesday 12th

Quiet day with so little to do that I made a good deal of progress in my Catalogue of coins. In consequence of my progress in purchases the labor becomes increased. A few more days of equal leisure will bring me up. Few interruptions. The season is drawing to its close with great rapidity. Yet my spirits do not rise so much as in former cases. The reason is undoubtedly my disappointment in the prospect of a termination of the war, and with it of my mission here. There was a telegraphic rumor today by a Steamer one day later, that Mr Chase had assigned. My daughter spoke of it as a rumor when she left, which was not credited. I have a very slight apprehension that this will stimulate Mr Weed’s industry to procure my nomination, which does not increase my liveliness. Long walk, and quiet evening at home. Mr Kuhn and Henry went to Walton to spend the night at Mount Felix.

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