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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Thursday 21.st

21 July 1864

Saturday 23d.

23 July 1864
22 July 1864
Friday 22d.

The private letters did not occupy much time. A visit from Captain Britton, who had not much to report. Went with Mr Kuhn to the House of Commons to hear Mr Cobden speak on a motion respecting the mode of obtaining military armaments and stores. Not more than sixty or seventy members present, and nobody in the gallery. What a contrast to my last visit. Mr Cobden spoke clearly and pointedly on a dry subject. He is the impersonation of the practical school of modern England. He argued his question in a purely commercial way. If that were the only sense in which nations might be expected to act with effect on great emergencies, perhaps he would be right. Our late experience however proves that they may at times be put to great straits by being to compelled to depend suddenly on mere private enterprise. I was compelled to return early in order to meet at dinner Bishop McIlvaine and his son. He is now in Europe on a trip for the health of his daughter. He is as calm and benignant as ever. We await the next arrival with some uneasiness, as one day’s later news leaves the state of the raid into Maryland as somewhat threatening.78

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