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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Tuesday 26th

26 July 1864

Thursday 28th

28 July 1864
27 July 1864
Wednesday 27th

Mary was much relieved this morning and improved during the day. But the attach has been serious, and yet causes anxiety. Sir Henry Holland called today at the desire of Mr Headland, and entirely approved his treatment. Mr Erickson came also to see me, but I was scarcely sensible of any inconvenience from the operation. He advised my not going81 out in sun today, so I remained at home, I think the very first time since I came to England. I devoted myself to the work of disposing of the matters that had accumulated in the absence—likewise to the preparation of my Quarterly account with the government, which is always a troublesome thing to get right. Then to the bringing up of my own accounts to the close of the month. All these matters having been disposed of, I spent a couple of hours on my Catalogue of English coins. Mr Curt made a few more purchases for me at General Drummond’s sale, which may be my last opportunity of that kind. Evening quiet at home.

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