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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Saturday 6th

6 August 1864

Monday 8th

8 August 1864
7 August 1864
Sunday 7th

Our hotel adjoins the Church of St Collen, and our sitting room opens on one side to the river Dee, and on the other to the yard, filled as usual in this kingdoms with the remains of myriads of the race. There are however very few inscriptions that survive two centuries of exposure. This I have observed almost every where. Six generations appear completely to displace all preceding ones. I87 attended Divine service in the morning. It was performed in English, the Welsh king reserved for the other part of the day. The attendance very full, and very substantial looking— A part of it composed of the tourists who travel over Wales at this season. The interior looked antique and respectable. The peculiar feature was that the rafters and ceiling of oak were much carved, with figures of Angels standing on the projections of the beams. The service ended with a collection. Afterwards I took a walk down the Valley towards Chirk, and afterwards accompanied the ladies who went on donkeys to the top of another hill, next adjoining that I visited yesterday. It was neither so steep nor so long, and it had a better view of the upper part of the Valley, which is rural and picturesque. Evening quiet at our Quarters.

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