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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Tuesday 9th

9 August 1864

Thursday 11th

11 August 1864
10 August 1864
Wednesday 10th

The clouds disappeared, gradually giving way to a most beautiful day. I finished my private letters to be sent to America, and enclosed them to Mr Moran in London. We then made a party to drive over to Barmouth, ten miles, in an open carriage. The road is along the valley of the Mawdach, which opens as the river flows into the sea. It is one of the most picturesque regions we have yet seen. I was not so favorably impressed with Barmouth itself, which lies directly against a rock, huddled together with little regard to position. We wandered over the sand beach which was bare but soft, and not attractive89 I have nowhere seen any thing of this kind here, at all equal to Nahant or Nantasket. We took luncheon at the Hotel and returned. I got out with Brooks and we walked the last half of the way. The sun was slanting its rays, thus bringing out many varieties of color in the opposite mountains. This and walk at Bala were the purest enjoyment possible.

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