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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Tuesday 23d

23 August 1864

Thursday 25th

25 August 1864
24 August 1864
Wednesday 24th

The change in temperature which began on the last day at Llanberis has been growing more marked until it is really cold. This takes off something from the attraction of so pure a watering place as Rhyl. Apart from the sand beach and salt water bathing, there is nothing to recommend it. The tide recedes so very far out that even this luxury can be had only a small part of the time. I was obliged this morning to have recourse to a bath within a house. Afterwards, I went on the parade and rambled along the beach at high tide for a long distance eastward. There is a fascination in the movement of water for which I am puzzled to account. It absorbs at the same time that it distracts the mind. I am not aware that I ma thinking particularly of it whilst I am sure that I am not thinking of any other subject. My return was not effected without a little wetting from a passing shower. At the Hotel, I found a telegram from Mr Moran announcing that the Steamer Georgia had been captured by the Niagara, whilst on her way to Lisbon. As this was done at my suggestion we shall see with some interest how it is taken.

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