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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Friday 26th

26 August 1864

Sunday 28th

28 August 1864
27 August 1864
Saturday 27th

Another bath, equally calm, but the water was deep enough. by changing my position more to the east. After breakfast we packed up to leave this place, not without much regret among the ladies. They have much enjoyed the donkey riding, the clear and bracing air, and the excellent accommodations of the Hotel—the best we have met with in Wales. At noon we took the train to Chester, thus closing a most agreeable tour in North Wales. We have been favored by fine weather throughout—and the condition of the invalids improved daily as we went. For all this I have abundant cause to be grateful. Our trip to Chester was not made directly. We first took the train through Rhuddlan, St Asaph, Denligh and Ruthin. Here was an interval of ten miles to Mold, where the rail began again I walked nearly half the distance, with my son Brooks. A coach with the rest of the party then overtook us, and landed us at Mold two hours in advance of the departure of the next train. We wandered into the Church of St Mary, an old and curious structure, the interior of which has however been reserved so freshly, that nothing but the monuments would betray its age. To me the renovation is of no interest. The yard outside is crowded with grave stones, none of them dating back so far as two centuries. It was market day, and the town looked active and full. It is as ugly as most of the Welsh towns. We went on from Mold to Chester without incident. I hastened immediately to go out and take a survey of the place. It is very curious, but more busy and mercurial than I anticipated.101

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