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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Saturday 10th

10 September 1864

Monday 12th

12 September 1864
11 September 1864
Sunday 11th

Mary gains perceptibly, but is left with a cough and no appetite. Cooler day, and a very clear atmosphere in the morning. I attended Divine service in the City at the Church of St 110 Mary’s, Aldemanbury. This is one of the many planned by Sir Chistophers, but the spirit of improvement has passed over it, so far as materially to transform it’s interior. Only the general outline remains. As now seen, it is perfectly simple, without galleries, with light on three sides. The nave divided from the aisles by six columns of the corinthian or composite order on each side, from which rises a curved ceiling with ornamental pannels. All the old oaken work is taken away, and in the room of them low open rows of benches and a tiled floor, with a low stone pulpit. A reredos and a reader’s desk. The altar, a table covered with red velvet and gold fringe. Pretty enough to look at, but cold and comfortless compared to Wren’s original style, or perhaps that of his day. For I am not sure that he was not against any pews at all. The service conducted with a chair of men and boys, with an organ in the Chancel. The sermon more dull than usual. Having learned to expect little from it, my interest is concentrated upon the fine prayers, which never were exceeded, some of them psalms, and the hymns when judiciously selected which was not the case today. I believe I have now seen all the City Churches that merit attraction. There are perhaps a dozen more which I may visit or not, as may be convenient. This experience has been interesting to me on my accounts. It has given me an inner view of what city life was some centuries ago, passing through its gradation of faith, from genuine Romanism, though Anglicanism of various temperature down to the present state of elaborate external zeal and actual internal nothingness. The tabernacle is fair and well sustained, but the people to use it are few. It is different elsewhere. After luncheon, went to walk. Returned the visit of Mr Mangum and Mr Carpenter. Towards evening, Messr Parker and Moran came in with news from America, that looks quite favorable. General Sherman is said to have occupied Atalanta and Fort Morgan below Mobile has been surrendered. This is material. I trust it may be fully verified. The relative importance of it is quite as great as the absolute gain. Evening very quiet— Mr Jenkins, an acquaintance of Louisa, came in, for a brief visit.111

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