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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Saturday 17th

17 September 1864

Monday 19th

19 September 1864
18 September 1864
Sunday 18th

A fine day almost without a shower. I went to the city intending to worship at a Church of St Dinis in Line Street. But on getting to the spot I found it closed, and as the hour was late, I had recourse to the nearest I could find. This proved to be St Peter le poor in Old Bread Street—a modern erection without any interest either inside or out. A small attendance; but a well read service. The sermon upon the young man who could not obey the injunction to part with his riches. Nothing remarkable. After luncheon to the zoological gardens with Mr and Mrs Kuhn. We were so much interested int eh monkey house that we spent most of our time there. The Oran Outang and a species of large baboon were both remarkable. Evening quiet at home. The American papers very interesting this week.

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