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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Sunday 25th

25 September 1864

Tuesday 27th

27 September 1864
26 September 1864
Monday 26th

Mr T. Baring sent me word last evening of the death of Mr Bates, rather suddenly at the last, though I have seen it impending since Number last. He was one of the very few genuine, hearty Americans whom I have met here, that inspired in me some regard. Although transplanting himself to this side, and engrafting what is left of his family and fortune upon English stock, I saw clearly enough that all his cumulative possessions had not filled the void which expatriation had left in his heart. I shall miss him, though I really saw him but little. The American news of today was favorable especially the election returns from Maine, which indicate the continuance of the Administration. But for some reason or other there is a weight on my spirits which I cannot entirely throw off, and cannot account for. My eye was in such a state today as to render labor difficult. Called on the agent of the Ealing House, and found him yet unable to decide on terms. Made my120 last offer and agreed to receive the reply tomorrow at noon. Then a walk over to Kensignton, which looks very pretty. The days are rapidly shortening. Quiet evening.

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