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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Friday 30th

30 September 1864

Sunday 2d.

2 October 1864
1 October 1864
Saturday Octr 1.

This place looked charmingly, but I could not remain to enjoy it, as it seemed on the whole expedient that I should go to town to get the letters and papers from America. I found great numbers of Despatches and letters but none that would require much labor. The tone of Mr Seward is revived, and he now alludes to ventures from the Southern States in a manner that is encouraging. Returned to Ealing at noon, in order to get ready to start in company with Mrs Adams on our proposed visit to Lord and Lady Cranworth. Our first move was to reach the Vicoria instead of the Paddington Station, which we did by a rather long detour by the West London railway, through Kensington and Chelsea. From Victoria we took a train to Bromley, where we met Lord Cranworth’s carriage which brought us four miles to his house, Holwood. Here we were kindly received by him and Lady Cranworth. We found only Lady Fanny Bailly and her children, and Miss Carr, an elder sister of Lady C. Hence we had a quiet and comfortable evening.

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