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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Friday 7th

7 October 1864

Sunday 9th

9 October 1864
8 October 1864
Saturday 8th

We left this morning in some force, as Henry had concluded upon going with us also. This left only Mr Kuhn and Louisa at home. I went in by the train, whilst the family came in the Carriage. Our course was to the Great Northern railway at King’s cross, where we started at half past eleven by the Midland line to Kegworth on the edge of the Leicestershire. This brought us at half past three to Kingston Hall, the seat of Lord Belper. Here we found only the family, and a sister of Lady B, a Mrs Malthus with her husband, a Clergyman in some part of Surrey. The house and grounds are the creation of his Lordship in about twenty enormous fortunes out of their inventive powers applied to the cotton manufacture. He was himself educated at Cambridge, but he seems still to retain more of the family talent than of the scholar’s culture. As a public man his career has been honorable and useful, whilst in private life his character is very high in the neighborhood. We walked over the grounds— In the evening, a young man of the name of Romilly, a nephew of Lady Belper, joined the party. We had a sumptuous dinner and in the evening, Cards.

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