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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Sunday 9th

9 October 1864

Tuesday 11th

11 October 1864
10 October 1864
Monday 10th

Lady Belper is a very kind and amiable person who acquits herself most faithfully of the duties of her situation. She has several children, all but one at home. But I find little of marked character in them. I should doubt if the father would be replaced. The morning was spent in the library, which is filled with good editions of the best authors, and all the current literature of the day. I read an article in the Reme des deux Mondes on the two last years of the war which is fair and liberal. Also a portion of a late publication of the letters of Marie Antoinette, which is genuine, so as I proceeded, seem to me much to her credit. At noon came Archdeacon Fearon from the neighboring place of Loughborough. Lord Belper again took us a long walk, but the atmosphere was busy, and the country had no marked features. The draught has been severe here, and there are no turnips for the sheep. I am afraid that civility led his Lordship to unwanted exertion. My fancy is to be left alone in my exercise, so that I constrain no one. The arch deacon accompanied us, and he and Mr Malthus talked a little upon Church questions. I prefer in these cases to listen. They asked me some questions about Theodore Parker, however, which I answered fully. We had to dine Mrs Byron and her sister, with two gentlemen named Douglas, and a young man from Derby of the name of Smith. The husband of Mrs Byron, who is insane is the presumptive heir to the tile. After dinner, we had Whist, anad a round game.

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