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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Tuesday 11th

11 October 1864

Thursday 13th

13 October 1864
12 October 1864
Wednesday 12th
Kingston. Burley

I was busy writing all the morning, until luncheon and it was time to take our departure from this place. Henry was still unwell, but we decided to leave Mary with him to return home tomorrow, whilst we persecuted our journey to Mr Forster’s in Yorkshire. Leaving the Station at Kegworth at half past two, we went on to apperley Bridge which we reached at about six. Here carriages were in waiting for us, and carried us on to his house at Burley. We found Mr and Mrs Forster quietly at home in their cheerful library, ready to give a cordial welcome. It is now two years almost to a day since I came here before. It looks much as it did, but when I compare my won situation, how different it seems. In England our battle which then looked so doubtful and dark has been found and won. Though not yet over in America, a few weeks more of success would complete it there. We had a late dinner, and Mr Forster had a pretty long and free political talk afterwards. He has been on the whole our firmest and staunchest friend.

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