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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Thursday 20th

20 October 1864

Saturday 22d.

22 October 1864
21 October 1864
Friday 21st

Remained at home writing a letter to my son John, which I took to London with me at noon. The faculty of transit is a very great advantage to me. Visits from Sir Henry Holland who brought a letter for the bag—and from Mr Scott Russell, in regard to the information desired by Colonel Ritchie. Mr Armstrong’s contract for arms is now completed, and the question of shipment only remains. We agreed upon a mode, and I am to consult the house of Baring upon it. Mr Russell was rather inclined to talk upon other matters, but I had no time to spare. as I was obliged to write to Colonel Ritchie by the bag. He did say however that he had had a long conference with the director of the Times on the subject of the course of that paper towards America, and he appeared to flatter himself with the notion that the policy had since been modified. Even if this were so, of which I see no evidence, it is too late to correct the impression on the people of America. Home at five o’clock. Music in the evening, from Miss Sturgis.

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