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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Friday 4th

4 November 1864

Sunday 6th

6 November 1864
5 November 1864
Saturday 5th

At home all day. A large part of my morning absorbed in a file of Charleston newspapers which Mr Wilson has sent me— Likewise letters of Messr W. W. Boyce and H. V Johnson of Georgia on the question142 of peace which seems to agitate the entire South. Mr Boyce has got so far as to affirm that not peace alone but reconciliation is indispensable to the future comfort of both sections. This is the dawn of common sense in the South. Neither of these gentlemen really approved of the war. The Richmond Enquirer calls for the armament of the slaves and emancipation as the reward of service. This is preparatory to that termination of the rebellion. Mr Yeatman is probably directing that press. Took a drive with Mrs Adams, passing through part of Hanwell and Isleworth, going into Osterley Park, and by Sion House to Brentford, where I got out of the carriage and walked home via Acton. The weather cold but very fine. A brilliant night. Quiet evening at home.

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