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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Monday 7th

7 November 1864

Wednesday 9th

9 November 1864
8 November 1864
Tuesday 8th

We have now reached the critical day of election at home. The crisis of the direct war with the rebels is reached. There are indications however of a possible outbreak among the disaffected in our own ranks which may complicate our difficulties still more. I can only trust that we may escape this, as we have so many other apprehended evils attending this period of great trial. In proportion as the preponderance over the rebels becomes more decided, we may possibly be better able to grapple with new difficulties. I went to Londno, to receive the letters and Despatches by the Europa. Nothing from John this week, but a short and cheerful letter from Charles. Nothing marked in the news. Evening, reading Lowell. Mr Kuhn got back from Paris this morning.

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