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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Thursday 15.th

15 November 1864

Thursday 17th

17 November 1864
16 November 1864
Wednesday 16th

To London in the usual train. Found matters somewhat accumulated, and set to work at once to put them in order. Examined the Despatches that had come in my absence, and prepared draught of the necessary replies. Had a visit from Mr W. Aspinwall and R B. Minturn. The steamer just from America seems to entertain no doubt of the election. He is a friend of General McClellan and thinks he would have succeeded has he adhered to the original form of his letter of acceptance.150 I do not believe a word of it. Military reverses and government mistakes, had they happened might have done it, even though burdened with the load of Pendleton the traitor and Augustus Belmont, the German Jew agent of the foreign stockbrokers, the Rothschilds. But in their sober senses the people will scarcely rewards a chieftain for failing in his undertakings A visit from Mr Edge who came again to borrow money. I was obliged to be plain with him and put an end to all his publishing fancies so far as I was concerned. Returned home at four o’clock. Quiet evening. Finished Mr Lowell’s book.

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