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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Saturday 19th

19 November 1864

Monday 21st

21 November 1864
20 November 1864
Sunday 20th

Chilly, drizzly day. Walked down to Treyford Abbey, and attended the services there. There was still a different Clergyman. Two persons attended whom I took to be Mr and Mrs Thomas Wood, the proprietors of the Estate, and the customary retainers. There is something singularly attractive to me in this little secluded nook, so well suited to religious meditation amidst the fields and old trees of a private Estate. It has been just so for centuries in spite of the fact that he possession has not been continuous in families. The tablets show four or five separate names, all different from each other and from that of the present owner. His father appears to have brought the Estate on which he and his brother have lived. The latter died in December last in this house of Hanger Hill. I have not envied anybody’s possessions since I have been in England but this. Continued my labors on my arrears which are rather considerable as I desire to make a full record of the visit to Chatsworth. Mrs Adams and Louisa went to London to see Mrs Francis Brooks, who is just arrived from Paris. Walk with Mary, and quiet evening.152

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