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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Tuesday 29th

29 November 1864

Thursday 1st

1 December 1864
30 November 1864
Wednesday 30th

Cloudy day ending in a heavy but short rain storm at night. Went to town and called to see Mr Erickson to report to him about Mary. He thought there was no occasion for his repeating his visit, but gave general directions about treatment, which I reported to Mary at night. But she was annoyed by his not coming in person. My main object in town was to attend the sale of Mr Merlin’s coins which I examined on Monday. The member was only large enough for one day, and it was more remarkable for the condition than the rarity of the specimens. Only five or six of the dealers present, and two or three collectors. Yet the prices were on the whole high. I made an average amount of purchases. This opportunity out of season is one which I had not anticipated. On my return to Portland place I found the grown had been in with a note for me, but had not left it, which gave me uneasiness. On my arrival at home however I found it only an enquiry by Mary. Found Mr Stanley here, but he returned before dinner. Mr Gaskill came out to dinner but returned at night. I had expected Mr W. E Forster, but he failed to come.157

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