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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Wednesday 7th

7 December 1864

Friday 9th

9 December 1864
8 December 1864
Thursday 8th

Mary seemed relieved this morning, and I went to town and reported to Erickson. He said he should come out to dine tomorrow night. Busy at the usual work of despatches— And read a file of the latest American newspapers. They are encouraging, although much now depends upon the result of the extraordinary movement of General Sherman. Visits from Messr Hubbard, who brought me letters from America. Also from Mr Benzon, and afterward a personal visit of civility from the French ambassadors the Prince de la Tour d’Auvigne. Also from Mr Bergh, the late Secretary of Legation to Russia. He cannot bear the climate. He tells queer stories of the conduct of Mr Clay there. Home at five, and quiet evening.

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